quilled umbrella

Quilled Structure: Started as an egg and ended as an Umbrella

Welcome back friends..

I have been thinking of creating a 3D structure with quilling paper for quite a few days. As I was trying a quilled structure for the first time, I thought of making a quilled egg which I felt was the easiest structure to make.

However, as the project was midway, I felt the structure looked more like one of the traditional umbrellas used for god’s processions in India than an egg…… And there ended the journey of the quilled egg !!

IMG_20150307_165401  IMG_20150307_170427 IMG_20150307_171350  IMG_20150307_172326 IMG_20150307_191330  IMG_20150307_200431 IMG_20150307_203440  IMG_20150307_203446 IMG_20150307_225428  IMG_20150308_125009 IMG_20150308_125032  IMG_20150308_125151

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