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Quilling Number 3

Hello friends…

Since we had my son S’s birthday in the month of March, I wanted to try something which I could use for decoration in his birthday party.  As the party was arranged at home, there were a lot of other chores that I had to take care of.  I knew I would not be able to spend a lot of time with my quilling project. however, the urge of trying something new never left me. It was S’s 3rd birthday and so I thought of creating the number 3 with quillography or graphic quilling technique which I had not tried till now. Here is what I could come up with.

IMG_20150312_184316  IMG_20150312_184855

I got the base ready tracing the number 3 on an old invitation card and cutting it along the trace. Then I cut a few strips of 3 mm with the same card. I used these strips as the outline for the number.

IMG_20150312_185012   IMG_20150312_185759

Then I rolled a number of tight coils of different sizes in various colors. You can see the colors I used in the image above.

IMG_20150312_193251 IMG_20150312_193241 IMG_20150312_193209 IMG_20150312_193203

Arranging the  coils in order to get the gradient of blue and green colors as shown above.

Before arriving at the above patters, I had tried a couple of other arrangements which I have shown below.

IMG_20150312_195457 IMG_20150312_195451 IMG_20150312_194729 IMG_20150312_194750

This whole project took 3 days to complete. I worked for about 2 hours each day.

I totally liked the outcome..What would you say??