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Quilled Frame: Spring Yin-Yang

Hello friends…

Spring is here!!  Spring is here!!

How do you think I know??

I just saw  the colorful blooms..

That is how I know!!

This is my version of the famous song The Spring is Here written by Lorenz Hart for the musical I Married an Angel (1938).

Going by the mood of the season, I tried making a spring yin-yang quilled frame.


I used old invitation cards of red and  ivory colors to cutout the base.


Then I transfered the yin-yang clip-art template onto the base using a brown carbon paper.


For the roses I again used red and ivory colours to set the contrast right. I used the colour green extensively for the leaves and swirls.


For the border, I used some spare beaded gold lace which I had at home. I had bought it a few months back for my silk blouse and a dew inches of the lace was remaining.


I made a white cardboard frame  with black background which worked as a perfect contrast for the red, ivory and gold colours on the yin-yang. You can see the tutorial for making the cardboard frame here


Below are some more pictures I took from different angles.

yin_yang7 yin_yang8 yin_yang9

Do let me know how you like the Quilled Spring Yin-Yang..

I have entered this  quilled frame in the below challenges:

IQCG #15: Quilled rose 

CSCC #13: Anything Goes

BGC #67: Spring Green with Spring Elements

Eclectric Ellapu


I am back with another creation after being inactive for a few weeks. This time I tried to create the cute and delicate poppies.

Though poppies come in various colors, I was drawn the most towards this yellow flower. I loved the colors in the stamen.

IMG_20150221_134628   IMG_20150221_140650

I used strips of 3 mm to make the petals and 10mm for the  stamen. I also added the stem to the flower that add a new dimension to the flower. With the stem, I can also keep the flower in a vase.

IMG_20150221_135741   IMG_20150221_140408

Since the vase was looking empty with a single flower, I also made a red poppy and some leaves.

IMG_20150222_081457   IMG_20150222_081056 IMG_20150222_082110

I totally loved the final arrangement. I hope you like it too!!

Quilled Orchid

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Orchids. They have long  been a symbol of love and beauty. Their colors and petal arrangements are so elegant and interesting that they always capture attention.

I tried to recreate the below red orchid with strips of paper.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     watermarhed_orchid

I have added below some more pics which I took as I made the orchid. The fevicol was still wet when i took the pictures. Hence the white residue on the flower and petals.

IMG_20150117_174818     IMG_20150117_174922 IMG_20150117_175114    IMG_20150117_181257 IMG_20150117_182323    IMG_20150117_182316 IMG_20150117_182336    IMG_20150117_182828 IMG_20150117_183417    IMG_20150117_183430

I also made a few buds. This is how the final outcome looked.

IMG_20150131_104006         IMG_20150131_103648[1]

I hope you like it..

Happy quilling!!

Tiny blue wildflowers

I saw these tiny blue/purple wildflowers while browsing online a few days back and instantly fell in love with  the color and their tiny petals.

Purple wildflowers

Purple wildflowers

I tried to make quilled flowers resembling these cuties and this is what I could make . I also made a few buds to match the flowers.

Blue wildflowers

     Blue wildflowers

Though the quilled flowers are not exactly like the actual flowers, I totally loved the outcome.

I hope you like it too..

Happy quilling!!