paper butterfly

3D quilled butterfly

Hello friends..

Butterflies make amazing decorative pieces- be it as fridge magnets or embellishments on walls, boxes, photo frames or as jewelry. They also make amazing return gifts and birthday presents.

I made these two butterflies with strips of 5 mm. I just randomly used the strips from a multicolored pack of quilling strips and hence the vibrant colors of the cuties.

IMG_20150222_082359   IMG_20150103_212107

Making quilled butterflies is pretty simple as only basic quilling shapes like tight coils, marquis and teardrop  are used. You just have to let your imagination flow while sticking the shapes together to get the wings into different shapes. But make sure the symmetry is maintained between the two wings. To get the body right, make two cones of the same color and stick them together on the open end to get the required shape.

I  used one of these butterflies to embellish my son’s photo frame.

IMG_20150222_082656   IMG_20150222_082617 IMG_20150222_082536

I gifted the other butterfly to my Neighbors daughter on her birthday… I loved the expression on her face when she was holding the tiny bunch of colors in her hand.

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