3D Quilled dolls

Hello again!!

Miniature dolls have always fascinated me  and then I came across this article about Amnah who has created a wold record with her collection  of quilled dolls. After seeing the cute little dolls  I couldn’t keep myself from trying to make some 3D quilled dolls myself. And here is what I could come up with.

IMG_20150128_204249   IMG_20150128_204510

The minion could have been a bit more fat but by the time I  realize that, I had already pasted the hands. So, I left him to be lean. However, I like the way his eyes pop out.


The Japanese doll came out well. Especially the hat. I crimped the paper before rolling it into the hat which added the wavy look to it. I had initially planned to use the yellow rings to decorate her dress but later I decided to make flowers out of them as I liked the dress plain.

IMG_20150123_235547    IMG_20150123_235124

I totally enjoyed quilling these dolls and loved the outcome. I hope you like them too !!