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DIY: Maple Leaves Wall Decal

Hello friends…

Here is something new and different from the regular quilling projects I am posting on my blog. I have been thinking about diversifying the content of this blog for some time and here comes the first post in the new category “DIY Projects”.

I have always fancied having a beautiful wall decal on the plain wall in my room. That was the time when I had just ventured into online shopping for household needs. ( I always like to handpick the items from local shops).  I browsed through numerous online stores like amazon, fabfurnish, jabong and lot more for some wall decals. The more I explored , the more I felt that the shops were charging a bomb for the stuff. Even a simple wall decal costed not less that Rs 500. The ones I fancied to buy costed somewhere form INR 1500 to INR 2500. Staying in a rented house, I did not want to spend so much on the decals. I also learnt that the wall decals are actually stickers which stick to the wall and would peel off the paint when tried to remove. I was no sure if my house owner would be happy with such a thing sticking on the wall. This was one more reason which kept me from buying the wall decal stickers.

I had some handmade paper in assorted colors lying in my wardrobe from quite a few months. I had bought them when I had visited the local market  ( Chickpet ) in Bangalore. The beautiful colors and the cheap cost had made me instantly pick them from the shop though at that time I did not know what I will be doing with that paper.


Determined to do something on the plane wall, I took out the handmade paper  and starting working on it. I cutout multiple maple leaves using the brown, orange and red paper. I used dark green paper for the the branches. I cut the branch in multiple segments which I stuck together to get the final look.  I arranged all the cutouts on the floor to  check how the  final look would be. Since the leaves in red, orange and brown all indicated falling or old leaves the total picture was giving me  a negative feel. So I added a hint of regrowth  with green maple leaves. The few green leaves that I added to the final arrangements brought  a new feel to the picture.


I used a tape with adhesive on both sides to stick the paper to the wall. I had to prepare the wall by cleaning it with a damp cloth to remove any dust or loose paint particles. Once the wall was dry again, I put together the branch first and later added the leaves . In no time, I had a beautiful wall decal in front of me. I totally loved the final outcome.  Since I had used only a small amount of adhesive tape to stick the leaves, the paper leaves curled at various angles to give a 3D effect  on the wall.

IMG_20150321_162017 IMG_20150321_161854 IMG_20150321_161754 IMG_20150321_161704

The bright colors on  the wall brought a fresh look to the room. The handmade paper had added a texture of real leaves to the cuttings. A plain paper would never have resulted in this look.

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