Quilled Lampshade

Hello again..

In this blog, I bring to you the quilled lampshade that I made last week. For this, I used 10mm quilling strips  so that the finished structure is sturdy. I used 1 complete pack (100strips) of the bright orange coloured strips.

Making the base ring:

I glued together 3 full length strips to make a long strip. I rolled it into a sturdy ring by winding it  around the glue stick.

Making Coils:


To start with, I made different types of  coils with the strips. I made around 15 tightly rolled coils. To make the tight coils, I rolled the complete strip firmly with the needle and secured the end with fevicol before removing the coil from the needle slot. The rest of the strips were rolled into coils of different dimensions. I cut around 40 strips into half which I later rolled into loose coils of two different sizes. To make the loose coils, I rolled the strips with the slotted needle  and removed the coil from the slot and allowed it to relax for a few seconds. Then I secured the end of the coil with fevicol. I rolled the remaining full length strips into loose coils and secured the ends firmly.. Since the strips were longer, these coils were larger than the coils made with half strips.

For all the loose coils, I glued all the concentric circles to one side so that the finished coil has more space between the rings so that the light can pass through the shade. Sticking the circles to one side also made the final structure sturdy.

Sticking the coils together:

To get the perfect shape while sticking the coils together, I used an inflated balloon as a mould.

Using baloon as a mould

Using baloon as a mould

I positioned the base ring around the lip of the baloon and started sticking the tight coils around it. I made sure that all the tight coils were closest to the base ring and the loosest coils were stuck farthest to the base ring. Since the strips were 10mm thick, the structure was getting flat as I glued more coils. ( shown below)

Structure was getting flat  as I glued more coils around the ring

Structure was getting flat as I glued more coils around the ring

I had to gently press the glued structure with my hands so that it took the shape of the balloon. This had to be done before the glue completely dried up. Though at the beginning it looked like the lampshade was not taking the desired shape, as I glued more coils together,  the resulting structure was getting better.

Below are some of the pics I took as the structure was getting complete. I used a vessel to hold the balloon in place while I was sticking the coils together.

IMG_20150108_202322   IMG_20150108_202348

The final structure was  much better than I had imagined . The asymmetry made it look even more elegant. See below the pics  of the final structure taken from  different angles.

IMG_20150110_082214   IMG_20150110_082234

Here is how it looks as a lamp shade.


Next time, I am planning to make a complete sphere using multi-coloured strips. I will keep you posted when it is ready.

Till then, Happy Quilling!