Tutorial: Cardboard frame

Hello friends..

Of late, I have realized the need to protect the delicate quilled structures I make in a shadow box or a picture frame. On enquiring in some local shops, I learnt that they charge around Rs 250 for a medium size frame. Also, the readily available frames in market lack the required depth and are more suitable for only photos. Since I was not willing to spend so much on the frames, I started goggling for some DIY frame ideas. I found many tutorials with different templates and  here is one of the tutorials which I liked. I made some modifications as per my requirements and have come up with my  own way of making the frame. I am glad to share the tutorial for making the frame.

In this tutorial, I will show two types of frames which can be made using card stock.

Materials required:

  • Card stock  paper. At lease 160 gsm
  • Metal ruler
  • Scissor and crafts knife
  • Adhesive

The below measurements are for a frame with outer dimension of 21×14 cm, the inner portion of the frame measures 17x10cm, the border is 2 cm wide  and the frame has a depth of 1 cm.

Step 1: Measurements for sides of the frame

Measure and cut the card stock as per the below template. We need two cuttings  each for the short and long beedings of the frame.

Picture1 Picture2

Once you have marked the card stock, score it using a blunt edged knife before folding it so that you get smooth edges.


Step 2: Gluing the sides together to get the beeding

Apply fevicol / white  as shown below and stick the edges together to get the outer beeding ready.

Picture4 Picture6 Picture15

Step 3: Frame with no border inside 

This is a simpler and easier version of the frame. It has no border inside the beeding. So, the whole area in the frame can be used for display.


Cut the card stock with measurements same as the external dimension of the frame ( 21 x 14cm in this case) .Place it between the open flaps of the beeding and stick the flaps to hold the card in place. This makes the background of the frame.


Place some weight evenly across the frame so that the flaps are held in place till the glue dries up completely. Below is what you get on turning the frame upside-down.


Step 4:Frame with internal border and contrast background

Follow this step to get a frame with an internal border and a contrast background. This kind of frames are more appealing and can highlight the craft better than the frame shown above.

Use the same colored card stock that is used to make the beeding and cut a border with outer dimension measuring same as the outer dimensions of the beeding. (21x14cm in this case) . The inner dimensions of the border should be 2 cm less than the inner dimension of the beeding so that we get a 1 cm wide border inside the frame. ( In this case, the inner dimension of the border is (15x8cm).

Also, cut a card stock in contrasting color with 21x14cm which will be used as background.


Place the border first and then the background card within the flaps of the beeding and stick the flaps with glue to hold the border and background card in place.


Below is what you get on turning the frame upside-down.


Now you can make your own frames to display your crafts.



I am back with another creation after being inactive for a few weeks. This time I tried to create the cute and delicate poppies.

Though poppies come in various colors, I was drawn the most towards this yellow flower. I loved the colors in the stamen.

IMG_20150221_134628   IMG_20150221_140650

I used strips of 3 mm to make the petals and 10mm for the  stamen. I also added the stem to the flower that add a new dimension to the flower. With the stem, I can also keep the flower in a vase.

IMG_20150221_135741   IMG_20150221_140408

Since the vase was looking empty with a single flower, I also made a red poppy and some leaves.

IMG_20150222_081457   IMG_20150222_081056 IMG_20150222_082110

I totally loved the final arrangement. I hope you like it too!!