Harmony: Beads, paper and Resin…

Hello friends.. It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have been quite occupied of-late with orders from my customers. And not to forget my demanding office work. The busy schedule has kept me away from writing from some time.However, I couldn’t hold myself from sharing the news about the new techniques I have learnt in jewelry making.

After making quilled jewelry for some time, I felt my creations had become quite monotonous and there was not much variety. Most of the orders that I received from my customers were just color customization requests. The techniques however remained the same. My creative side was yearning to do something new. Luckily, I  came to know about the bead weaving techniques from some of the youtube videos. As i explored more about the beading techniques, I knew that this was the next thing I wanted to learn and make.  The break came when one of my customer asked me to create something unique which should look both traditional and trendy. She didn’t want the usual quilling jewelry everyone wore. Thanks to her, I could experiment with a couple of new techniques in my jewelry.. Bead weaving, paper weaving and resin casting.


I wove a small strips of quilled paper too get the checker board effect. The base was made with multiple layers of cardstock. For the border, I used the rhinestone cup chain in amber and gold which I later sealed with a 3 mm gold strip. I learnt the bead weaving pattern from a couple of videos in youtube.. This particular pattern is a variation of herringbone tubular stitch.. In-spite of all the layers of card stock, the pendant was not quite sturdy.. Resin came to the rescue.. and trust me, after the resin cast, the pendant looked more elegant. The resin hardened like a layer of glass on the pendant making it more rigid and sturdy.. Here are some more pics..

MMN_001_3 MMN_001_2 MMN_001_1

I bought the quilling strips, jewelry findings, seed beads and swarovsky crystals from Raja market in Bangalore. resin was sourced from A1-Crafts, Mumbai.

Not to forget my Nexus 5 which never lets me down whenever I have to take some super cool pics of my creations..

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Upcycling to a new level: Jewelry from old invitation

Hello friends…

Up-cycling and jewelry making are two addictive hobbies. And what if we make some jewelry by using some up-cycling ? This is what happens when the two techniques come together..

I made the below pendant by up-cycling an old invitation. The pendant base is made of layers of invitation card. It is embellished with Rhinestones, ball chains and some paint.


I cant help thanking Ms Pritesh from Artzire for being a great source of inspiration for me in trying out these techniques. Loads yet to learn from her. If you don’t believe me, do visit her blog here .

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Quilling jewelry: Indulgence

Hello friends…

Its been a while since I have posted on my blog because I m spending my all my free time in making quilled jewelry. Quilling jewelry is so addictive that I am not able to hold myself from making more. And why not I indulge when I am getting more orders for custom made jewelry from friends and family 🙂

here are some of the lightweight quilled jewelry which I made recently:

Collage002 collage001 JS001

I hope you like them.

Stay tuned for more quilled patterns for jewelry..