Harmony: Beads, paper and Resin…

Hello friends.. It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have been quite occupied of-late with orders from my customers. And not to forget my demanding office work. The busy schedule has kept me away from writing from some time.However, I couldn’t hold myself from sharing the news about the new techniques I have learnt in jewelry making.

After making quilled jewelry for some time, I felt my creations had become quite monotonous and there was not much variety. Most of the orders that I received from my customers were just color customization requests. The techniques however remained the same. My creative side was yearning to do something new. Luckily, I  came to know about the bead weaving techniques from some of the youtube videos. As i explored more about the beading techniques, I knew that this was the next thing I wanted to learn and make.  The break came when one of my customer asked me to create something unique which should look both traditional and trendy. She didn’t want the usual quilling jewelry everyone wore. Thanks to her, I could experiment with a couple of new techniques in my jewelry.. Bead weaving, paper weaving and resin casting.


I wove a small strips of quilled paper too get the checker board effect. The base was made with multiple layers of cardstock. For the border, I used the rhinestone cup chain in amber and gold which I later sealed with a 3 mm gold strip. I learnt the bead weaving pattern from a couple of videos in youtube.. This particular pattern is a variation of herringbone tubular stitch.. In-spite of all the layers of card stock, the pendant was not quite sturdy.. Resin came to the rescue.. and trust me, after the resin cast, the pendant looked more elegant. The resin hardened like a layer of glass on the pendant making it more rigid and sturdy.. Here are some more pics..

MMN_001_3 MMN_001_2 MMN_001_1

I bought the quilling strips, jewelry findings, seed beads and swarovsky crystals from Raja market in Bangalore. resin was sourced from A1-Crafts, Mumbai.

Not to forget my Nexus 5 which never lets me down whenever I have to take some super cool pics of my creations..

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Quilled Frame: Spring Yin-Yang

Hello friends…

Spring is here!!  Spring is here!!

How do you think I know??

I just saw  the colorful blooms..

That is how I know!!

This is my version of the famous song The Spring is Here written by Lorenz Hart for the musical I Married an Angel (1938).

Going by the mood of the season, I tried making a spring yin-yang quilled frame.


I used old invitation cards of red and  ivory colors to cutout the base.


Then I transfered the yin-yang clip-art template onto the base using a brown carbon paper.


For the roses I again used red and ivory colours to set the contrast right. I used the colour green extensively for the leaves and swirls.


For the border, I used some spare beaded gold lace which I had at home. I had bought it a few months back for my silk blouse and a dew inches of the lace was remaining.


I made a white cardboard frame  with black background which worked as a perfect contrast for the red, ivory and gold colours on the yin-yang. You can see the tutorial for making the cardboard frame here


Below are some more pictures I took from different angles.

yin_yang7 yin_yang8 yin_yang9

Do let me know how you like the Quilled Spring Yin-Yang..

I have entered this  quilled frame in the below challenges:

IQCG #15: Quilled rose 

CSCC #13: Anything Goes

BGC #67: Spring Green with Spring Elements

Eclectric Ellapu

Upcycled with Quilling: Wooden Mystery Gift Box..

Hello all..

Here is a up-cycled wooden box  which I made using quilling technique. I had a wooden box lying at home from many days. it had some prints on its sides and It was looking very dull and awkward. I couldn’t use it for display as it had no aesthetic appeal. I converted it into a beautiful mystery box by embellishing it with some mixed media:  quilled designs, glittery paper (brown), sequins and beads . This makes a wonderful birthday present.

As I say birthday, how can I forget to mention that  Lulupu- The Craft Longue has turned 3 this month. I wish you a very happy birthday Lulupu.

P11 P6 P5 P4 P3 P1 P7 P2 Picture1

This is my entry for the Indian Quilling Challenge #14   Beyond Grey Challenge #66 and  Lulupu challenge #47.

Techniques: Quilling and upcycling.
Materials: I used a old wooden box, brown glittery paper from an old invitation ( to cover the sides and the top center portion of the box), The acetate stiff which comes along with a new shirts collar ( used it to make the flowers and butterfly pop out as the box is opened)
Embellishments: glittery sequins, quilled swirls, flowers
Shapes: Square/Cube
Twist 3: I have used flowers in triplets to emphasize the number 3.
Colors: I used the pastel colors which are so soothing and mild on eyes.
Mood board: I have scripted the word “life” using quillography to depict that Life is a mystery box which never fails to amuse us as it unfolds.

Quilling Number 3

Hello friends…

Since we had my son S’s birthday in the month of March, I wanted to try something which I could use for decoration in his birthday party.  As the party was arranged at home, there were a lot of other chores that I had to take care of.  I knew I would not be able to spend a lot of time with my quilling project. however, the urge of trying something new never left me. It was S’s 3rd birthday and so I thought of creating the number 3 with quillography or graphic quilling technique which I had not tried till now. Here is what I could come up with.

IMG_20150312_184316  IMG_20150312_184855

I got the base ready tracing the number 3 on an old invitation card and cutting it along the trace. Then I cut a few strips of 3 mm with the same card. I used these strips as the outline for the number.

IMG_20150312_185012   IMG_20150312_185759

Then I rolled a number of tight coils of different sizes in various colors. You can see the colors I used in the image above.

IMG_20150312_193251 IMG_20150312_193241 IMG_20150312_193209 IMG_20150312_193203

Arranging the  coils in order to get the gradient of blue and green colors as shown above.

Before arriving at the above patters, I had tried a couple of other arrangements which I have shown below.

IMG_20150312_195457 IMG_20150312_195451 IMG_20150312_194729 IMG_20150312_194750

This whole project took 3 days to complete. I worked for about 2 hours each day.

I totally liked the outcome..What would you say??

Quilled Structure: Started as an egg and ended as an Umbrella

Welcome back friends..

I have been thinking of creating a 3D structure with quilling paper for quite a few days. As I was trying a quilled structure for the first time, I thought of making a quilled egg which I felt was the easiest structure to make.

However, as the project was midway, I felt the structure looked more like one of the traditional umbrellas used for god’s processions in India than an egg…… And there ended the journey of the quilled egg !!

IMG_20150307_165401  IMG_20150307_170427 IMG_20150307_171350  IMG_20150307_172326 IMG_20150307_191330  IMG_20150307_200431 IMG_20150307_203440  IMG_20150307_203446 IMG_20150307_225428  IMG_20150308_125009 IMG_20150308_125032  IMG_20150308_125151

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3D quilled butterfly

Hello friends..

Butterflies make amazing decorative pieces- be it as fridge magnets or embellishments on walls, boxes, photo frames or as jewelry. They also make amazing return gifts and birthday presents.

I made these two butterflies with strips of 5 mm. I just randomly used the strips from a multicolored pack of quilling strips and hence the vibrant colors of the cuties.

IMG_20150222_082359   IMG_20150103_212107

Making quilled butterflies is pretty simple as only basic quilling shapes like tight coils, marquis and teardrop  are used. You just have to let your imagination flow while sticking the shapes together to get the wings into different shapes. But make sure the symmetry is maintained between the two wings. To get the body right, make two cones of the same color and stick them together on the open end to get the required shape.

I  used one of these butterflies to embellish my son’s photo frame.

IMG_20150222_082656   IMG_20150222_082617 IMG_20150222_082536

I gifted the other butterfly to my Neighbors daughter on her birthday… I loved the expression on her face when she was holding the tiny bunch of colors in her hand.

If you like these vibrant and colorful butterflies, do let me know with a comment or a LIKE.

3D Quilled dolls

Hello again!!

Miniature dolls have always fascinated me  and then I came across this article about Amnah who has created a wold record with her collection  of quilled dolls. After seeing the cute little dolls  I couldn’t keep myself from trying to make some 3D quilled dolls myself. And here is what I could come up with.

IMG_20150128_204249   IMG_20150128_204510

The minion could have been a bit more fat but by the time I  realize that, I had already pasted the hands. So, I left him to be lean. However, I like the way his eyes pop out.


The Japanese doll came out well. Especially the hat. I crimped the paper before rolling it into the hat which added the wavy look to it. I had initially planned to use the yellow rings to decorate her dress but later I decided to make flowers out of them as I liked the dress plain.

IMG_20150123_235547    IMG_20150123_235124

I totally enjoyed quilling these dolls and loved the outcome. I hope you like them too !!


I am back with another creation after being inactive for a few weeks. This time I tried to create the cute and delicate poppies.

Though poppies come in various colors, I was drawn the most towards this yellow flower. I loved the colors in the stamen.

IMG_20150221_134628   IMG_20150221_140650

I used strips of 3 mm to make the petals and 10mm for the  stamen. I also added the stem to the flower that add a new dimension to the flower. With the stem, I can also keep the flower in a vase.

IMG_20150221_135741   IMG_20150221_140408

Since the vase was looking empty with a single flower, I also made a red poppy and some leaves.

IMG_20150222_081457   IMG_20150222_081056 IMG_20150222_082110

I totally loved the final arrangement. I hope you like it too!!