Water colour Card: Little hearts

Inspired by the water colour challenge on Lulupu blog, I tried my hand at watercolouring for the first time and made a few cards. Here is a card I made using the marbeling technique using water colours.


I created a water colour marble on a white card stock and cut out different sized hearts from it. I assembled the cutouts to form a collage  in the shape of heart.


I used a handmade paper as the base to make the card. I also used the border punch which I won in the previous challenge at Lulupu to cutout the borders form the marbled paper and added it as a border on the card.


Below are some more pictures of the card which  I took from different angles.

little_heart3  little_heart5 little_heart6 little_heart7

After all, I felt , watercolouring is so much fun and its definitely not as tough as I thought 🙂 !!

Do let me know how you liked the card I made…

I am entering this card at the Lulupu watercolours challenge # 48


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