Quilled Orchid

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Orchids. They have long  been a symbol of love and beauty. Their colors and petal arrangements are so elegant and interesting that they always capture attention.

I tried to recreate the below red orchid with strips of paper.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     watermarhed_orchid

I have added below some more pics which I took as I made the orchid. The fevicol was still wet when i took the pictures. Hence the white residue on the flower and petals.

IMG_20150117_174818     IMG_20150117_174922 IMG_20150117_175114    IMG_20150117_181257 IMG_20150117_182323    IMG_20150117_182316 IMG_20150117_182336    IMG_20150117_182828 IMG_20150117_183417    IMG_20150117_183430

I also made a few buds. This is how the final outcome looked.

IMG_20150131_104006         IMG_20150131_103648[1]

I hope you like it..

Happy quilling!!

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